Welcome to your real time digital office space
Enjoy real time engagement with anyone, anywhere globally

RoshanCTV is a Virtual Office that respects user Privacy with Onion Layer Security and enables users to share data, content, advertise your brand, share videos, connect to websites, share photos, presentations and upload files in Real Time.

It is an Interactive Channel which allows you to invite up to 7 people to join a meeting with no download and no installation on their devices. As the owner you can invite anyone, anytime, from anywhere to join you for a meeting or discussion.

Businesses can now share company information between employees and customers in a Private and Secured environment.

Enjoy RCTV powered by the first iCDN (Interactive Content Delivery Network)

We ensure Privacy and Security

It's build on a secured web based platform using HTML 5 technology in real time. No downloads, No installations, No cookies or plug in.

Own User Content relevence

Users can create own playlist and broadcast it.

Social Media Reach

Users can invite cutomers or friends into the Digital Media Room by sending the RoshanCTV link through FB, Twitter, Whatsapp or Email.

Guaranteed Ad View

You can do direct brand engagement with your audience for the duration of their stay in the Digital Media Room.

Brand Preference

The user chooses the brand that they want to broadcast / engage with their won followers.

Direct Customer Engagement

Digital Media Room users can promote their products and services directly to customers.

Event / Campaign Driven

The users can start their own event / campaign.

Real-Time Engagement

Digital Media Room users can engage with friends or customers in Real Time.

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